International School History - International Baccalaureate - DP1 History - Term 1

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Term 1
Key Questions Lesson material Additional materials and external links
What is History? Selected extract about the problem of memory from Milan Kundera's Ignorance.

Extract from EH Carr's What is History? on the subjectivity of Stresemann's archive.

Extract from Keith Jenkins's  post-modern classic Rethinking History.

History as art and science - J Bronowski - video

What is ideology? Introductory outline sheet.
Political Compass website survey of your political position on the ideological spectrum.
Left and Right concept diagram and comments from the blog discussion.

Article from Making History, developed by the Institute of Historical Research: Stefan Collini - What is intellectual history?

Series of short animations from BBC Radio explain key ideas from intellectual history.

What are the main characteristics of liberalism and conservatism?
Worksheet and table to complete.  
What are the main characteristics of socialism?

Worksheet and table to complete


Video on the history of socialism from Owen to Lenin, via Marx and Engels and a transcript of the video.
What is Marxism? What is Marxism? PowerPoint and worksheet.

Comedian Mark Steel's video  'lecture' on Marx.

Marx's 1859 preface

Cartoon explanation of historical materialism.

Communist Manifesto (edited to essentials)


Video presented by the English Marxist sociologist Stuart Hall. My former teacher Alex Callinicos and the world's most famous Marxist geographer, David Harvey explain Marxism as only Marxists can do - video.

Want to study sociology at Yale? Professor Iván Szelényi explains Marx's historical materialism as part of a series of lectures on Marxism.

The Marxist internet archive for just about everything you will ever need about Marx and Marxism in whatever language you want.

Why was there a revolution in Russia in February/March 1917?

IB Diploma syllabus reference: Europe Higher Level  Paper 3 Essay 12

Imperial Russia, revolution and the establishment of the Soviet Union (1855–1924) The impact of the First World War and the final crisis of autocracy in February/March 1917, 1917 Revolutions: February/March Revolution


Why was Nicholas II forced to abdicate in 1917?

Graham Darby - The Russian Revolution (pp. 68-87) Worksheet

The First World War
Part 8 examines the impact of the First World War on the Russian Revolution of March 1917.

On the summer of 1914, see this brilliant drama-documentary from the BBC made for the centenary in 2014.

Image result for 37 days documentary


Imaginative video reconstruction that focuses on the role of Rasputin in the March 1917 revolution.


What was Lenin's contribution to Marxism?


Worksheet to complete. Video on the history of socialism from Owen to Lenin, via Marx and Engels and a transcript of the video.
For economics students, this three part documentary series includes an episode on Marx.

Communist Manifesto (edited to essentials)


Why were their two revolutions in Russia in 1917?


PowerPoint on why there were two revolutions in 1917 and extended text version.

Worksheet on 'Why did the Provisional Government Fail?'

Graham Darby extract on why the Provisional Government failed.

Timeline of 1917. Lenin in 1917 by Figes.

John D Clare on the October Revolution.

Role of the individual in history extract from E H Carr's What is History? and questions to consider. An essay by McDonough.


Coercion, persuasion and consent; how did Lenin maintain Bolshevik power after 1917?


How does the state control people? PowerPoint.

Coercion, persuasion and consent - how did the Bolsheviks consolidate their power (worksheet)

Summary sheet taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

Graham Darby extract - How did the Bolsheviks retain power?

On why the Bolsheviks won the civil war see: summary sheet taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

Walsh 120-122 GCSE Modern World History 
Extract from Peter Oxley - Russia 1855-1991.

Michael Lynch extract on Lenin's developing economic policy. Video on Russia 1917-24.

Why did Stalin succeed Lenin?


Information sheet and table for completion of main contenders for power after Lenin.

Video on Stalin's rise to power.

Summary sheet taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

Write your own source based exam paper.


Jim Grant explains the historiography of Stalin's Rise to Power.
John D Clare on Stalin's rise to power with links.

Video - dramatic reconstruction of Stalin's rise.

Stalin's rise to power diagram.

Stephen Lee essay on why Stalin succeeded Lenin.  

IB Diploma syllabus reference: Europe Higher Level - Paper 3 Essay 16

Soviet Union (1924–1941): Stalin and the struggle for power (1924–1929); defeat of Trotsky; Stalin’s policies of collectivization and the Five-Year Plans; government and propaganda under Stalin; the purges and the Great Terror

Standard Level - Topic 10 Authoritarian states (20th century) 

How did Stalin economically and politically transform Russia?

Video on Stalin 1929-41 

Summary sheet taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

Walsh GCSE Modern World History 128-32


JDC on Collectivisation  and Five Year Plans

JDC on the terror

Who was John Scott and what happened at Magnitogorsk? Worksheet based on John Scott's Behind the Urals.

Video based on the account of American communist John Scott.


Striking images and video from 17 moments in Soviet History website - Magnetic mountain.
How did Stalin control the Russian people?  The social impact of Stalin's Russia: Who won? Who lost? Summary sheet taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

Jim Grant on who won and lost in Stalin's Russia

JDC on the social consequences of Stalin





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