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S5 History Last update - 04 May 2023 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 4 - Napoleon's France - Quiz
End of Unit Test on Napoleon

Just as with the Reformation end of unit test, there will be three parts to the test.

Section 1 - Factual recall. Play the quiz above until you know the answers to each of the 20 questions and you will be fine.

Section 2 - You will be presented with sources and asked two questions. You will be expected to compare and contrast the sources. This means you should identify similarities and differences between the sources, where they agree and disagree. Secondly, you will be expected to evaluate the usefulness of an historical source. The three Rs model should remind you of the sort of things you need to consider. For the ambitious, my Bac level PowerPoints on the usefulness of particular types of sources will be useful preparation for next year.

Section 3 - You will be presented with two explanatory questions and you should answer one. There will be three possible questions.

* How much did Napoleon change France?
* How did Napoleon change Europe?
* Why was Napoleon defeated?


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