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S6 2hr History Last update - 09 November 2017 Official European School History S6 Syllabus: English, French, German
Unit 1 - 1870-1914: The Age of Imperialism
Key Questions Lessons Additional materials and external links
What is imperialism? Timeline of essential events in Unit 1.

Introductory PowerPoint and video seen in lesson.

Crash Course video on imperialism

Imperialism: an introduction - Worksheet 1


Imperialism definitions.

Video - White King, Red Rubber, Black Death.

More about the film on IMDB and the BBC Storyville website.


What were the causes and extent of European Imperialism? Lecture - Worksheet 2  'Outline of New Imperialism' and notemaking sheet to be completed.

PowerPoint from the lesson.


Explanation  of the causes of imperialism from Culpin and Henig.

Videos shown in the lesson.
Extract from Zulu illustrating importance of new technology in warfare
Extract from Livingstone and Stanley - 1939 movie with Spencer Tracy

Further reading - 'Colonial conflicts and rivalries' - Woolfson and Laver
Further reading - 'Explanations of Imperialism' - John Lowe

BBC documentary series, examining explorers of the Congo, Australia and the Arctic. Beautifully filmed.


What happened in the Congo? An introduction to document work. Congo case study document work - Worksheet 3 and self-evaluation to be completed.



Video - White King, Red Rubber, Black Death.

More about the film on IMDB and the BBC Storyville website.

Adam Hochschild's outstanding history on Leopold and the Congo, King Leopold's Ghost.

Three part BBC documentary video on the history of racism. Episodes 2 and 3 are particularly relevant to imperialism.

BBC documentary on colonialism in Namibia and the first genocide of the 20th century.


How can we reach judgements about the legacy of imperialism? Colonialism - towards a balance sheet worksheet 4 Hobsbawm on the impact of imperialism
The Independent - Belgium confronts its heart of darkness
BBC - On the legacy in the Congo
L.A. Times - On the lessons of the Congo

The Guardian 2015 on the legacy of anf ignorance about British imperialism in Britain.


Social and economic history - What was the Belle Époque?
Edited Video from the lesson (24 minutes)

...and accompanying worksheet 5 to be completed.

Age of Hope - Full 60 minutes video on the period before the First World War from 1990s documentary series People's Century. Website for the series.

BBC news correspondents present personal perspectives on the capital cities of the major European powers that, later in 1914, would face each other in the First World War.

Video - New technologies created new dangers in the home of the Belle Époque.

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the great powers of Europe before 1914? Worksheet 6 and table to be completed. Website made by my students in 2001 to show the situation in Europe before the First World War.
The Great War

28 part 1960s series. Part 1 gives an excellent country-by-country overview of Europe before 1914.

The First World War

10 part, 2003 Channel 4 documentary series covers all aspects of the war.


What were the tensions between the great powers before 1900? Walsh pp. 4-7 GCSE Modern World History

Worksheet 7

The brilliant John D Clare provides an excellent GCSE perspective with recommended links for further research.

Video on the state of European nations before 1914 and the causes of the war.

4hr Worksheet - Militarism, Imperialism and Nationalism, an introductory overview. Also PowerPoint as seen in the lesson.


What were the medium-term causes of WWI? Walsh pp. 8-10 GCSE Modern World History

Worksheet 8



The First World War
10 part, 2003 Channel 4 documentary series covers all aspects of the war.
What were the short term causes of WWI? Days that Shook the World video on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

The John D Clare worksheet 9 on the causes of the war.

Causes of World War 1 quiz - beginners and advanced. Wikipedia provides a very detailed account of the July Crisis.

Blackadder and Horrible Histories explain the causes of the First World War - videos

On the summer of 1914, see this brilliant drama-documentary from the BBC made for the centenary in 2014.

Image result for 37 days documentary

How can we link long and short-term causes of the war? Causes of World War 1 mind mapping exercise (worksheet 10).

Walsh pp. 8-11 GCSE Modern World History

The Corner website offers a very clear outline of major themed causes of the war. 
See Wikipedia on the complex causes of WWI, includes historiography.
A clever narrative at
Dr Gary Sheffield at the BBC wins my vote by starting with a quote from Baldrick.
Want to study history at Yale? See Professor John Merriman's lectures on imperialism, nationalism and the coming of World War 1.


B Test 1

Week beginning Monday 12th October 2015

How can we learn the causes of the Imperialism and the First World War?


Timeline of essential events in Unit 1. Only facts on these sheets and  these quizzes will be covered in part one (factual recall) of the test.
John D Clare's quiz Mnemonics
Podcasts An interactive spider diagram
SchoolHistory lesson or quiz BBC Bitesize
Mark Steel's amusing quiz  
Revision advice and Quiz or try all 45 questions against the clock.

Penalty shootout quiz or Basketball



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