International School History - European Schools - S6 4 hour option

S6 4hr History Last update - 07 May 2023 Official European School History S6 Syllabus: English, French, German
Europe and the World from the end of the 19th Century to 1945.


Russia and the ussr  1917-1953

S6 4 period


15 lessons

1.  The 1917 Revolutions.



2.  War Communism and NEP.


3.  Stalinism 1929-33 and the characteristics of a totalitarian state.


    How did the Communists take control in 1917?

    What was the new socialist state and society like?

    How was the October Revolution judged by people at the time and later by historians?

    Why were there phases of nationalisation, but also liberalisation between 1917 and 1928?

    Did Stalin consolidate or pervert the revolution?

    What was the connection between modernisation and dictatorship?

    Was art only a propaganda tool?

    Was the USSR simply a continuation of the anti-Western Russian way? Or a fundamentally new model?


Key Words

Bolshevik, Menshevik, Soviets, War Communism, NEP, Collectivisation, World Revolution, Socialism in One Country, Marxism-Leninism, Stalinism, Gulag, Cult of Personality


Possible Reference Points

Russian Revolutions (1917), 10th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (1921), Death of Lenin (1924), Beginning of Stalinís Rule (1929), Sovietisation of Eastern and Central Europe (1945-), Death of Stalin (1953).

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