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World History 1974-1995 Quiz
Advice for B Test 4

As always there will be three sections to this test.

Section 1 - Factual recall. Learn the timeline of essential information and play the quiz above and you will be fine.

Section 2 - Source analysis. You will be presented with a small number of sources about which you will be asked two questions. i) You will be asked to compare and contrast two of the sources, meaning you should identify a number of similarities and differences between them. ii) The will be asked to comment on the usefulness of a third sources as evidence about the past. What are the strengths and weaknesses of various types of sources found in history exams? Guide You should identify both strengths (what is good about the source) and weaknesses (what is not so good about the source). You might consider whether the source is relevant to the question, revealing in providing lots or high quality information or whether the source is reliable. (ie RRR model). You do need to cover all of these RRR points, it is just a mental check list.

Section 3 - Explanatory essay. You will be given a choice of two essay titles and you will write one. You will be assessed on your ability to write a short, coherent, well structured response (PEE - Point, Explanation, Example ) that shows an ability to provide relevant factual knowledge in answer to a particular question set.

What were the origins of detente and what did it achieve?
Why did detente come to an end and what was the second Cold War?
What was Solidarity? Did it mark the beginning of the end of the Cold War?
Why and how did Communism collapse in 1989?

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