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S7 History Last update - 07 May 2023 Official European School History S7 Syllabus: English, French, German
World history 1945-1995 - Oral Exam revision
Get some general revision advice to begin with. I wrote this 'top 10 tips' for IB students a few years ago and much of what I say applies to you. Similarly the great John D Clare wrote these detailed guidelines for his English GCSE historians.

Key revision questions June 2016

How and why did the USA introduce Marshall Aid and the policy of Containment?
Was the policy of Containment successful in the period 1945-61?
How successful was Soviet foreign policy in the period 1945-61?
Why did the Chinese Communists (CCP) win the civil war?
How did the communists transform China 1949-61? Were they successful?
What were the origins and significance of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
What were the consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Was the Cuban missile crisis the closest the USSR and USA came to open conflict?
How and why did black Americans suffer discrimination?
How far did black American's achieve equality in civil rights 1954-1963?
Why and how did France become involved in war in Indochina and why was she defeated in 1954?
Why did the Communists win the Vietnam war and what were the consequences for the Cold War?
Why did Warsaw Pact forces invade Czechoslovakia in 1968? Was is significant?
What caused detente? How far did detente change East-West relations?
What was Watergate?
How much did arms reduction talks (SALT etc.) achieve in the 1970s?
What was the Second Cold War?
What was Solidarity? Why was martial law declared in Poland in 1981? Did it mark the beginning of the end of the Cold War?
Why did the USSR collapse? How important were key individuals (e.g. Ronald Reagan) to bringing about the end of the Cold War?
How important were popular protest in helping to bring about the end of the Cold War?
Why had communist regimes lasted so long?

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