International School History - European Schools - S7 4hr option

S7 History Last update - 14 May 2023 Official European School History S7 Syllabus: English, French, German

World History 1945-53
Cold War Documentary Film-Making Activity


  1. To make a short (5 minute maximum) documentary or documentary script about the origins of the Cold War.

  2. The documentary must be firmly rooted in one of two historiographical traditions: Orthodox or Revisionist.

  3. The documentary must use certain prescribed film-making techniques and four prescribed pieces of archive film footage.

  4. Students who decide to make the film may work in groups to produce the content and edit of the film.

  5. Those who decide to produce a script will produce a standard documentary script on their own.

EEBIII S7 Films 2012

Laura and Louise Alicia, Amanda and Klara Carsten and Emma
Livia and Fiolla Lucas

Adam, Emma and Kosta



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