International School History - International Baccalaureate - History Extended Essays - Examples

The opportunity to write an Extended essay in history is one of the great opportunities in the IB programme and what sets it apart from many other educational programmes. The following examples are taken from those that I have supervised over the last 20 years. These were mostly awarded 'A' grades and a significant number were awarded the full 36 marks.

If you have produced an 'A' grade Extended Essay and would like to share it here, send me an email at this address.

      Isabelle Wendes
My family of machine breakers

Zhenia Plotnikova 
Stalin Nostalgia

Júlia Schvarcová
Václav Havel

Viktoria Meszaros
Nicholas Winton

Roberta Kovacs
The Kindertransport

Ed Ritchie
The SOE in France

Simone Scully
Kennedy Assassination
Mimi Kirby 
Bloody Sunday
Hannah Thompson
Medieval Pilgrimage
Julien Bell 
Did Sparta Work?

Justine King 
Gandhi in South Africa

Susannah Leahy 
Alsace after 1945
Katie Greer 
Alexandra Kollontai
Erik Rademaker 
Reichstag Fire
Kat Goodall 
Roger Landes
Helen Coleman
Trail of Tears
Robin Webb 
Lenin's genius
Bryana Turner 
Women in 1960s
Robert Leahy 
Charlotte Holt 
Josephine Butler
Andrew Lipscombe 
The Six Day War

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