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MYP4 Last update - 18 September 2017  
Unit 1 - Can we understand the medieval mind?
Key Questions, Words and Skills Lesson material Additional materials and external links
What is history? Online worksheet to complete.

Hardcopy version.

For the ambitious, there is my DP website all about the question of 'what is history?'


What are the Middle Ages?

The concept of significance and historical fact.

Activity 1 - What are the Middle Ages?

Hardcopy versions of worksheet and Word document to complete.

Possible source for the medieval timeline.


On the question of what makes an event significant, see this: Key Stage History, especially the model by my old teacher Rob Phillips which I have used.

But these links are also useful. The historical thinking project in Canada and Facing the Past, Shaping the Future.

Other lists of key medieval events.


How was the medieval state different to the modern?

A crash course on the basics of political science.

Key concepts - power, influence, authority; coercion, persuasion and consent.


Activity 2 - The state: medieval and modern.

Video - Jay Foreman - British Politics Unboringed
Image result for ay Foreman - British Politics Unboringed

What is political science and why is it important?

Videos - UK parliament compares the US and UK elections and provides a brief history of parliament.




Activity 3 - Feudalism as seen from above  



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