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MYP4 Last update - 21 January 2018  
Unit 1 - Europe in the Middle Ages - Can we understand the medieval mind?
Key Questions, Words and Skills Lesson material Additional materials and external links
What is history?

The six historical concepts for IB History: change, continuity, causation, consequence, perspective, and significance.

Online worksheet to complete.

Hardcopy version.

For the ambitious, there is my DP website all about the question of 'what is history?'


What are the Middle Ages?

The concept of significance and historical fact.

Lesson 1 - What are the Middle Ages?

Hardcopy versions of worksheet and Word document to complete.

Possible source for the medieval timeline.


On the question of what makes an event significant, see this: Key Stage History, especially the model by my old teacher Rob Phillips which I have used.

But these links are also useful. The historical thinking project in Canada and Facing the Past, Shaping the Future.

Other lists of key medieval events.


How was the medieval state different to the modern?

A crash course on the basics of political science.

Key concepts - power, influence, authority; coercion, persuasion and consent.


Lesson 2 - The state: medieval and modern.

Video - Jay Foreman - British Politics Unboringed

Image result for ay Foreman - British Politics Unboringed

What is political science and why is it important?

Videos - UK parliament compares the US and UK elections and provides a brief history of parliament.

What was feudalism? What made a successful king? Who were the knights?

Key concepts - feudalism, fealty, homage, divine right, counsel, chivalry, tournament, mercenary.

Key skill - the utility of historical sources (OPVL.)


Lesson 3 - Feudalism as seen from above

Two short videos from the lesson. Terry Jones on William Marshall and David Starkey about medieval kings.

Terry Jones is most famous for being part of the Monty Python team. This is how they portrayed medieval knights.

For more from the Holy Grail...

Terry Jones on Medieval Kings and Medieval Knights.

Video - full series of medieval lives by Terry Jones.

Video - how to be successful at the medieval court

A video series for the more ambitious students, as Professor Robert Bartlett explores different aspects of medieval life.

In this episode he considers power.


How can we find out about medieval peasants? How did the medieval village work? What was life like for medieval women?

Key concepts: archaeology, aerial photography, artefacts, strip farming, three field system, manorial court, common land, tithe and tax, misogyny.

Key skill: deductive reasoning and essay planning.


Lesson 4 - Feudalism as seen from below  
What can medieval architecture tell us about medieval minds?

Key concepts: change, continuity, empathy, architecture, significance, siege, Romanesque, Gothic,

Key skill: factual recall


Lesson 5 - Medieval architecture.

Medieval Siege a fascinating insight into medieval warfare and historical reconstruction - see full documentary.


The Treb Challenge. Excellent online game introduces the engineering and physics of trebuchet building. Crush the Castle game which tests your skill in attacking castles and in the advanced version also building them.

Khan Academy on Romanesque and Gothic.


Why was the medieval church so powerful?

Key concepts: monasticism, missionary, penance, sin, excommunication, communion, apocalypse

Key skill: essay writing, PEE, PESC


Lesson 6 - The power and importance of the medieval church.
Helen Castor- Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death - 2013 video

Shows how the medieval church controlled all aspects of people's daily lives.


Khan Academy on Last Judgment Tympanum, Cathedral of St. Lazare, Autun


End of Unit Assessments Assessment 1 - e-Assessment Revision Guide

MYP criteria:
A: Knowing and understanding
C: Communicating
D: Thinking critically


Fling the teacher quiz of 15 key dates
identified by students in their timelines.

Quiz on feudalism and architecture
Quiz on the medieval church


Assessment 2 - Medieval Pilgrimage film assignment, outline and essential supporting material.

MYP criteria
B: Investigating
C: Communicating

European medieval pilgrimage.

A rough guide to medieval pilgrimage is provided here.

Short film extract from Robert Bartlett about pilgrimage.

Treasures of Heaven - documentary about the beauty of medieval reliquaries.

Khan Academy on pilgrimage.

Simon Reeve's three part documentary about Pilgrimage broadcast in December 2013.



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