International School History - International Baccalaureate - MYP History

MYP4 Last update - 22 janvier 2018  
Unit 2 - Revision Guide

There will be three sections to the test

Section A - Factual recall
(Criterion A)

20 questions based on the facts you have encountered in this unit. Most of the answers will be one word, most questions will have appeared in the quizzes I have built to help you. This ought to be easy if you have learnt your facts.

Section B - Analysis of documents
(Criterion D)

You will be given a source of historical information. You will be asked to evaluate the utility of the source in so far as it helps you answer a particular historical question. (OPVL) I will only include the types of sources we have encountered so far. e.g. archeological records, contemporary images (eg paintings, woodcuts), architecture, statistics, documentary films, historians...

Section C - Structured response
(Criterion A and C)

This section is divided into three questions.

(a) will ask you to briefly describe something from your own knowledge.
(b) will ask you to explain something.
(c) will ask you to evaluate a debatable question.

These are the sort of questions you need to be able to answer.

Descriptive and explanatory questions.

Why did towns begin to grow in the late middle ages?
What was a town charter?
What were an apprentice, journeyman and master craftsman?
What was the role of guilds in the medieval towns?
Why were universities founded?
What did Jews do in medieval Europe? How were they treated?
What did Arabic civilisation contribute to medieval Europe?
Why was the fall of Toledo so important?
What were the causes and consequences of the First Crusade?
Why did so many Europeans go on Crusade?
Why was the Mongol Empire so important to medieval Europe?
What were the consequences of the fall of Constantinople in 1453?
What did medieval people believe caused the Black Death?
What caused the peasant revolts of the late 14th century?
What was sea travel like in the 15th century?
Why was Pizarro able to conquer the Inca?
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?
What was medieval scholasticism?
Why was Humanism a paradigm shift in European intellectual life?
What were the similarities and differences between the Renaissance in the north and south of Europe?
What criticisms did Martin Luther make of the Catholic Church?
Who were the Lollards and the Hussites?
What was Johannes Tetzel's role in causing the Reformation?


How far do you agree that the Black Death was a disaster for Europe?
How important was religious proselytizing as a cause of voyages of discovery?
Were the consequences of the voyages of discovery generally positive?
How important was the role of Martin Luther as a cause of the Reformation?




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