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MYP4 Last update - 08 April 2018  
Unit 3 - Revision Guide

There will be three sections to the test

Section A - Factual recall
(Criterion A)

20 questions based on the facts you have encountered in this unit. Most of the answers will be one word, most questions will have appeared in the quizzes I have built to help you. This ought to be easy if you have learnt your facts. (Quiz on dates, general quiz)

Section B - Analysis of documents
(Criterion D)

You will be given a source of historical information. You will be asked to evaluate the utility of the source in so far as it helps you answer a particular historical question. (OP content VL) I will only include the types of sources we have encountered so far. e.g. archeological records, contemporary images (e.g. paintings, woodcuts), architecture, statistics, documentary films, historians, museums

Section C - Structured response
(Criterion A and C)

This section is divided into three questions.

(a) will ask you to briefly describe something from your own knowledge.
(b) will ask you to explain something.
(c) will ask you to evaluate a debatable question.

These are the sort of questions you need to be able to answer.

Descriptive and explanatory questions.

What were some of the main consequences of the Diet of Worms up to 1525?
Explain the importance of the concept of Sola Fide.
Why was
Thomas Müntzer important?
What is iconoclasm?
What did Luther and Zwingli disagree about at Marburg castle in 1529?
What was the affair of the sausages?
What reforms to the Catholic church did the Council of Trent introduce?
Outline the main stages of a Spanish Inquisition Tribunal.
What was an auto-da-fé?
Explain the principal of pre-destination.
What is the Protestant work ethic?
Why, according to Jared Diamond, did China not develop a capitalist economy?
What were the causes/consequences of St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre?
What were the main causes/consequences of the English Civil War?
Explain what was so radical about Scottish Calvinism.
Who were the Levellers and the Diggers?
How and why did nation states begin to emerge in the 16th century?
What did the Treaty of Westphalia do?
Outline the main differences between Baroque and the art of the Dutch golden age.
Explain why the Dutch East India Company was so successful?
Describe briefly the Triangular Trade?
Explain the difference between inductive and deductive logic.
Outline the main features of the scientific revolution.
Briefly describe what is meant by enlightened despotism.

Debatable questions

How important were the ideas of Luther as a cause of the English Reformation?
How far do you agree that the success of Inquisition was the most important reason why Protestantism was stopped from spreading further?
How important was Calvinism to the development of Capitalism in the 17th century?




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