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MYP4 Last update - 09-11-17  
eAssessment 2017 - Revision
MYP4 Exam preparation for History 2017

The content of the eAssessment

There will be three sections to the exam.

Section 1 - Factual recall - Criterion A

This first section tests you general knowledge through a series of multiple choice questions. The knowledge tested will be that covered by the six summative assessments completed throughout the year. (See ManageBac for details)

Section 2 - Source analysis - Criterion D

In this section you will be presented with a number of sources. You might be expected to compare and contrast (find similarities and differences) and to evaluate the utility of the sources to historians. (OPVL)

Section 3 - Essay - Criteria A and C

The essay questions will be taken from each of the five unit themes we have studied this year. You will be given a choice of three questions:

(i) Was the Industrial Revolution positive?
(ii) How important have pioneers and innovators been in creating change?
(iii) Did trade lead to cooperation or exploitation?
(iv) What have been the most important factors to have brought about change in everyday life?
(vi) What factors have brought about improvements in medicine and what has prevented it.

Students are reminded that assessment in section 3 requires both good communicative skills (Criterion A) and factual knowledge (Criterion A).

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