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Unit 11 - Civil Rights
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What was the situation of Black Americans in 1950s USA? Textbook 250-254.

Watch episode 1 of Eyes on the Prize. Make general notes on the situation of Black Americans and more detailed notes on Emmett Till and Rosa Parks.

What attempts were made to improve the situation for Black Americans before the 1950s? Textbook 255.

More on the murder of Emmet Till.

Neo-Nazis in the USA 2018

How did legal action and direct action begin to bring about change in the USA? Textbook 256-260. Describe the event and explain the significance of the following:

1. Brown vs. Board of Education.
2. Little Rock
3. Montgomery Bus Boycott
4. Sit-ins
5. The Freedom Riders

Watch episode 2 of Eyes on the Prize.

'I have a dream' - The importance of the marches. Textbook 260-262. Watch the film below. Why did Bull Connor turn out to be a help to the civil rights movement?

Watch the 'I have a dream' speech. After discussion, explain why you think this is one of the most famous, iconic speeches of all time.

Short government documentary about the speech and Dr King.

Text of the speech

Literary analysis of the speech.


Selma - The importance of voting. Watch these two videos on the events in Selma. Describe the events of Bloody Sunday and explain why it was such a significant moment in the Civil Rights movement.


Take a 'literacy test' used in Alabama in the 1960s to determine the right to vote.  

Watch the feature film 'Selma'.

Why did some black Americans criticize non-violent protest? 1. Who was Malcolm X and who were the National of Islam? Contrast the views of Malcolm X with those of Martin Luther King.

2. What was meant by 'Black Power'? 50 years ago this summer, Tommie Smith and John Carlos became famous. Research and explain what the did and why they did it. This Guardian article is a good place to begin.

Textbook 264-66

'The use of non-violent protest had only limited success in improving the position of African Americans in US society in the 1960s.' To what extent do you agree? Write an essay plan on the impact of non-violent protest. Use the sources as well as the textbook essay frame (p.267) to help you.

This question is one of those that you might be asked to complete in the summer exam.


See Eyes on the Prize
How and why did women begin to challenge the status quo in 1960s Europe and USA? Read the textbook 140-43 and then briefly outline what is meant by the three waves of feminism?

Complete two activities.


What was the position of LGBT people in the USA in the 1950s and 60s and how did the 'Gay Civil Rights' movement begin? Complete this activity.  



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