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MYP5 Last update - 09 November 2017  
Unit 13 - What are the consequences of inaction?
Key Questions, Words and Skills Lesson material Additional materials and external links
What is genocide? Film - Night and Fog

Textbook - pages 288-9

Why has genocide taken place in history? Textbook activity - page 290.
Nazis: A Warning from History 2 Video shown in class. Summary notes to go with the video.


What actions lead to the holocaust? Complete this 10 stages of Genocide worksheet with reference to Germany.

Textbook - pages 292-301. Identify the stages from the examples of Germany 1933-1942.


What are the positive consequences of action?


Examine the case study of Sir Nicholas Winton.

Film seen in lesson.

Bratislava History

Who was responsible? Source based activities.

Textbook - pages 292-301.

What makes a useful source?

What other instances of genocide were there in the 20th Century? Individual research project. Activity textbook - pages 305-306.  



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