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Unit 3 - Does trade and exchange promote cooperation or lead to exploitation?
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What were some of the key trades and trading routes? On the spice trade see pages 44-5 of Thomas and Rogers.

The silk trade, pages 46-7 of textbook.

December 27, 2013
Silk Road Ensemble: The Road to Beijing

Jeopardy Game

Download map of the Silk Road



Short video about the history of the spice trade

The silk road trading game and other activities from Stanford University

Unesco on the Silk Road

Ted-ed video on the Silk Road
Crash Course video on the Silk Road.

Was the Opium War the most shameful war in British history? Introductory video lecture.

PowerPoint from the lesson and worksheet.

A more advanced worksheet from my European School website.

The Opium War, a feature film made in 1997.

Why did Europe colonize China and not the other way around? Interesting extract and fuller version from Jared Steel's bestselling Guns, Germs and Steel. Also see the video.


How can interactions lead to exploitation and hostility?
Video - Episode 2 of the PBS adaptation of Jared Diamond's best selling history 'Guns, Germs and Steel'.

Online worksheet to be completed.


 For more see the PBS site.
What was the reality of the slave trade?


Working with sources, activity on page 64. In addition to the OPVL of Sources I and J for question 2, you should also examine the film extract.


Film extract from Amistad.
End of Unit Test. Self assessment after test





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