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MYP4 Last update - 16 mai 2017  
Unit 4 - Why have our everyday lives changed over the past century?
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How did technology change everyday lives in the 20th century?


For the introduction see pages 68-70 of Thomas and Rogers textbook. Hans Rosling and the washing machine video.

2013 Time Magazine poll on the most useful inventions.

What was the impact of mass production? Thomas and Rogers textbook 70-73

Activity on page 71.

Think - Pair - Share p.73


Video about Fordism
People's Century Video - On the line.  Website for the series.
What was the impact of the Second World War on daily life in Britain? Thomas and Rogers textbook 74-78

Online activity to complete.


People's Century Video - Total War. Website for the series.

Various videos about the Blitz.



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