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Unit 9 - Why do nations build empires and form supra-national alliances and organizations?
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Why was there a rapid expansion of empire building in the nineteenth century?

Assessment Criterion A.

Short video extract from A History of Racism (Part 3) 

Worksheet - What was New Imperialism?

What were the main factors which help explain the rapid expansion of empire building in the nineteenth century?

Worksheet to be downloaded and completed.

Textbook - Thomas and Rogers p.190-94

Crash Course video on imperialism

Image result for zulu film
Zulu - Extract from film seen in lesson.


What were the different perspectives
on empire building?
Prezi from the lesson

Textbook - Thomas and Rogers p.195-9



Video - Episode 3 of the PBS adaptation of Jared Diamond's best selling history 'Guns, Germs and Steel', examines imperialism in Africa. For more see the PBS site.
Activity: source analysis.

Assessment Criterion D.

Prezi from the lesson.

Three R's model

Textbook - Thomas and Rogers p.197


What makes an historical
source useful?
Assessing the role of economic factors in imperial expansion.

Essay activity. Criterion A and Criterion C.



Textbook - Thomas and Rogers p.198

Essay planning sheet.

Essay advice sheet.


For the ambitious, have a look at my IB diploma guidelines on how to write a successful essay.
Why did alliance systems develop before the First World War and was their impact? Textbook - Thomas and Rogers p.198

Table to be completed and placed in your OneNote homework file.

Short video seen in class. (see full video on right)

Videos: Horrible Histories and Blackadder on alliances. Password 'bisb'.

Website made by my students in 2001 to show the situation in Europe before the First World War.  Alternative text with further information.

John Lowe extract on the international situation after 1871.
The Great War

28 part 1960s series. Part 1 gives an excellent country-by-country overview of Europe before 1914.


Why are supra-national organizations formed and what is their impact? Why did the League of Nations fail to prevent conflict?

Textbook - Thomas and Rogers p.204-6 and 174-5.

Introductory video on the League of Nations in the 1920s.


A series of short videos that help develop the arguments of the three groups in the debate activity.



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