International School History - Beauville Arts - 2013

Student Live Performance and Video Diaries  2013

See the photos of the 2013 trip.

Day 1 - Video by Eleni

Our journey was long but enjoyable as it was beautiful weather as we arrived in France. Coming into Beauville we noticed the picturesque countryside and nice houses. We were welcomed by Jon, the artistic director, Dan, the sound engineer and music producer, Izzy the animator and Jon's son Harvey Jay.

Our first day we were introduced to the studio and Jon and Mr Jones gave us very helpful songwriting advice. We then began writing our own songs keeping in mind the information given, and later received a lesson on lyric writing. In the evening we watched a film in the cinema room, a perfect way to end a perfect day.

Erica and Anna-Rose

Day 2 - Video by Fiona and David

Throughout the second day we all took turns in the studio with Dan recording our songs for the first time. It was a strange but pleasant experience and as time went on we got more comfortable and in the end didn't want to leave. As it was such a nice day we had lunch, prepared by Izzy, in the beautiful garden next to the pool.

We have been trying to record some video footage as Eleni went on location and recorded and filmed the region. In the evening, after dinner we went bowling and the girls kicked butt.

Erica and Anna-Rose

Day 3 - Video by Jeannine

Today we had a melody writing session given by Jon and Mr Jones which taught us the rules we need to break. Some of left the house and spent the day in Bordeaux, although some decided not take a 'day off '  and instead worked on their songs in the studio with Dan.

In Bordeaux the girls spent a sunny afternoon exploring the shopping strip, while the male students of the group admired the "idyllic scenery" (aka les jolies filles). Mr Jones decided to mark some of his essays while drinking in the sight of blue skies and the Garonne river. We all met up at 18:00 and made our way to a pizzeria where a couple of hours were spent happily talking and relaxing, as we watched some of fusilage of an A-380 make it's way down the river. We then made the two hour journey back to Agen.

Colin and Fiona

Day 4 - Video by Eleni

Yesterday we continued working on our songs: recorded some parts that were left and did some mixing. We also worked on the videos that we have been taking all those days, edited them and made them into little films. After lunch, Dan and Jon gave us information about how we can create our own recording studio at home, showing us what kind of material we would need and how much it would cost. Then we went into the studio and Dan explained us how the mixing process worked.

Finally, after dinner we had a quiz night! We got divided into three teams and had to answer questions mostly concerning music, but also recording material and films. We had a great time! Before going to bed we sang some covers, the atmosphere was very nice. It was definitelly one of the best evening of the week!


Day 5 - Video by Jeannine

The last day was spent putting together the final mixes of our songs and preparing for the live show in the evening.  Some of us used our studio time to record some quick covers and David enjoyed a drumming master class with Pascal Lawrynowicz. Pascal then gave us a performance history of the history of percussion: Le Voyage Du Tambour.

In the evening we had a photo shoot for the CD cover, which a small group of us designed. Then it was time for the final performance of our songs which was recorded on Camera and which was followed by a performance by Loose Covers (Mr Jones, Jonathan and Pascal) with Dan and the students filling in.

The next morning we worked with Dan producing our final mixes. Then it was time to catch the train back to Brussels.


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