International School History - Beauville Arts - 2014

Student Live Performance and Video Diaries 2014

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Day 1 - Video

Day 1 of our school trip to Beauville Arts. We filmed our eventful journey by train down to South-West France- which included jamming in Paris Metro stations and probably disturbing the peace of our fellow French passengers. We arrived at the house, settled in to the beautiful surroundings and had some down time. Our first day was packed full of songwriting and lyric workshops, as well as a recording session in which we created our own backing tracks to this video. We've only been here 36 hours and have already packed in a week's worth of music, learning and fun new experiences,

By Hannah

Day 2 - Video

After a really fun film/dance evening and a beautiful night, we continued writing our masterpieces (with our Beauville pencilsÖ They changed our lives). We had our first sessions in the studio with the brilliant producer Dan, where we recorded our early takes. Obviously, the day didnít only consist of that. We were able to combine work, fun and awesomeness. Also, as you will see in the video of the day if you havenít already done so, everyone agrees that Beauville Arts rocks, as do their pink hoodies (that Viktoria particularly enjoys).

Tune in tomorrow for the next video diary episode.

Viktoria and Katerina
Day 3 - Video

This is our third awesome day at Beauville. Today some of us went to Toulouse while others stayed here recording our songs with Awesome Dan. Some of the songs were finished today and others are about to be finished. Then we filmed our music videos with Awesome Jess. Now we are having fun because all the group is reunited in happiness and awesomeness. Every day is different at Beauville Arts but still more fun.

Tune in tomorrow to see our next amazing video diary episode.

Daniel and Alvaro

Day 4 - Video

Yesterday we went to Toulouse, and desperately tried to increase our history A-marks by visiting the Basilique St. Sernin, with our awesome history teacher Mr. Jones-Nerzic. After returning to our HQ in Beauville, some of us had a fun jam session with rather interesting lyrics (unicorns and the flawlessness of Sonia's faces). Today, we all got an hour in the studio with our ever brilliant producer Dan and some of us worked on music videos to accompany our masterpieces.

Stay tuned chicas.
Dick 2 (aka Rick)

Day 5 - Video

Yesterday we continued working on our songs in the studio with Dan the Man. Later on PacoJones unfairly beat Katerina in pool by making up rules. In the evening we had Quiz night, where Rick's Chicks, The Fairies and The Elven Village competed against each other. In the end, after various rounds of questions and three brilliant performances by each group, The Elven Village won and kindly shared their prize with everyone (a box of chocolates).

Today is our last day and we are devastated! We are finishing mastering our tracks, which Dan the Man will then mix with is awesome mixing skills. We are going to miss Beauville and the people around here so much, and we couldn't be more thankful for everybody's help this past week.

Love, Orlatte and Crispy K (da main chicks of the house)


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