International School History - European Schools - S4 - Methodology

S4 History Last update - 01 May 2023 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 1 - Methodology - B Test 1

The first 'B' test covers all the work from Unit 1 on the methodology of history. You should begin your revision by checking your factual understanding by playing the above test a number of times until you are sure you know all the answers.

Section 2 of the test covers the theme of archaeology.. You should be familiar with the key processes used in archaeology including aerial photography, sampling, excavations and geophysical surveys. You should also know why archaeology provides important information about medieval lives.

Section 3 concerns images and especially the Lutrell Psalter. Why are images important sources of information about medieval Europe. What can images provide that other sources cannot?

The final section concerns our last lesson about medieval texts. What are the strengths and weaknesses of criminal court rolls, memoirs, literature etc. as sources about medieval Europe?





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