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S5 History Last update - 04 May 2023 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 2 - Enlightenment and the American Revolution
Key Questions Lessons Additional resources and external links
What was the scientific revolution? Worksheet (PDF)

Video introduction.

What was the enlightenment? A short introductory video from the University of Nottingham.
The brilliant Dr Bronowski explains the importance of Galileo and Newton

The Galileo Project website. Video on the trial on Galileo.
(Funny but informative) Mark Steel video on Newton.

Best examples of previous student scientific revolution timelines.
  Probably the most readable book on the history of the scientific revolution is Dava Sobel's Longitude, the story of John Harrison an English clockmaker who solved the problem of how to measure longitude at sea. Highly recommended.

It was also turned into an excellent film.


Who were the Enlightenment philosophers? Worksheet (PDF)


Enlightenment website activity worksheet. On Google Docs  File>download as>Word

Factual recall test on the Enlightenment!

Mark Steel video on Descartes.

K Clark's classic Civilisation television documentary series examines the impact of the Enlightenment.

Two outstanding books are Sophie's World available in whatever language you speak and the Philosophy Files a cartoon illustrated introduction to Philosophy.

The Scottish Enlightenment - BBC Scotland.

From Philosophy magazine are these Philosophy experiments: Is torture ever justified?, Would you eat your cat? Should you kill the backpacker? etc.

Links: Wikipedia on the Enlightenment, History World, The European Enlightenment, other links,
Fling the teacher quiz on the Enlightenment


Why did the American colonists want their independence from Britain? The American Revolution Part 1 - Worksheet

Dramatic BBC video reconstruction of the Boston Tea Party.
Crash Course video on the Revolution

Video - Liberty the American Revolution see part 1 "The Reluctant Revolutionaries" 1763-1774

History channel website on the American Revolution and this page on the Boston Tea Party.

Alistair Cooke's America is a classic 13 part history of the USA produced in 1972.

This fourth episode deals with the revolution of 1776: Making a Revolution


Why did the American colonists win the war of independence? The American Revolution Part 2 - Worksheet Mark Steel video on Tom Paine.

Video - Liberty the American Revolution see part 2 "Blows Must Decide" 1774-1776

Brief history of the US flag - BBC
Fling the teacher quiz on the War of Independence



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