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S5 History Last update - 04 May 2023 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Textbooks and further recommended resources
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Revolution in France - Josh Brooman

Josh Brooman is one of Britain's best history textbook writers and this book covers two of our central topics this year.

The book is notable for the outstanding use of full-page colour images of some of the great contemporary art.

Amazon currently have some cheap second-hand copies which are excellent value (see left).

  History of Europe - Habibi, Jafari, Jones-Nerzic, Keys and Smith

Written for the International Baccalaureate this text provides a challenging narrative and more demanding activities, ideal for students considering history 4hr next year.

Covers most of the topics studied in S5 and also provides coverage of topics covered in S6 and S7.

Written for international students (aged 16-18) it is more age appropriate, internationally minded and conceptually more suited to 4 hour option history.

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