International School History - The eyes have it

The eyes have it

I designed the ISH logo one snow-filled afternoon in Bratislava. These are the eyes from historic faces of people I admired for some reason or other. I am running a competition for anyone who feels they can identify any of the eyes. Send me an email and I'll create a hall of fame of successful guesses. 
1.Karl Marx
Guessed by Lili Prins
5.Vaclav Havel
Guessed by Vincent Meunier
9. Tom Paine
Guessed by Arkady Mospan
13.Mohandas Gandhi
Guessed by Hermine Cholous
2.Will Shakespeare
Guessed by Simona Tomasekova
6.John Stuart Mill
Guessed by Vasilios Chatzipazarlis
10.Inessa Armand
Guessed by Gijs Stribos
14.Marie Curie
Guessed by Monika Somogyi
3.Antonio Gramsci
Guessed by Jonáš Vacek
7.Nelson Mandela
Guessed by Fernando Suarez
11.Aneurin Bevan
Guessed by Aurelien Loopuyt
15.Nicholas Winton
Guessed by Louise Drogoul
4.George Orwell
Guessed by  Martin Dudermel
8. Emile Zola
Guessed by Katerina
12.Dylan Thomas
Guessed by Viki Matejova
16.Winston Churchill Guessed by Jacqueline Eckert

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