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Further Reading

Keith Jenkins Re-thinking History, Routledge, (1991). 70 pages of polemic that has produced a wide-range of often very emotional responses from the historical community. As a student, I loved the informal, idiosyncratic style; most people I know hate it.

John Warren History and Historians, Hodder and Stoughton, (1999). A wonderfully concise history of history, very accessible; includes a very clear, relatively sympathetic overview of recent developments in the study of what is history?

Richard J Evans In Defence of History, Granta Books, (1997). A highly respected historian takes time out to research and take seriously the post-modern attack on history. This is his often brilliant response.

David Lowenthal The Past is a Foreign Country, Cambridge, (1985). A highly entertaining book that provides an encyclopaedic overview of how the past is used and abused and interestingly, why?

Margaret Macmillan The Uses and Abuses of History, Profile Books (2009). Based on a series of recent lectures given by the widely respected Canadian historian, provides many good up-to-date examples of uses and abuses.

Mark Donnelly and Claire Norton - Doing History, Routledge, (2011) Published just after I finished writing this chapter. Brilliantly serves the same purpose as this site but designed for history students at university.

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