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  Since September 2019 I have been teaching students at Ecole Moser in Nyon, Switzerland. This new website is for them.


This section of the website is designed for the IB MYP
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Documentary Film Making in History: why and how you should do it.

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This section of the website is designed for students studying history and human science at the European School. It includes lesson by lesson guidance, resources, films, quizzes and links for all lessons from S3 to S7.
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S6 Voyages Scolaire
Music Trip - April 2016

See all the videos, photos and music from the previous trips.

Are you in S6 and interested in writing, performing and producing your own songs? EEBIII Voyages Scolaire to Beauville Arts in the south of France, offers a unique opportunity to work with professional facilities in beautiful surroundings.


The latest S6 documentary films now online. Vote for your favourite here.


Oxford University Press
support materials for IB History

International School History offers extended content and additional multimedia materials for the three textbooks published by Oxford University Press for IB history:
Central and Eastern Europe since 1945 Western Europe
since 1945
Theory of Knowledge


Students make a short documentary about the origins of the Cold War. The documentary must be firmly rooted in one of two historiographical traditions: Orthodox or Revisionist. The documentary must use certain prescribed film-making techniques and four prescribed pieces of archive film footage. Students will work in groups of 3 or 4 to produce the content and edit of the film. View and vote for your favourite here.

S5 documentary films - vote S4 empathy films - vote

Documentary film making guide for history students

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