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The Bratislava History project was established in September 2008 and represents the work of five schools working together in Slovakia and the UK. In October 2008, the occasion of the British state visit to Slovakia provided the impetus to bring together 10 extraordinary individuals, each of whom had a story to tell about our joint British-Slovak history. 

Firstly, there was 99 year old Sir Nicholas Winton, the man responsible for saving the lives of 669 Jewish Czech and Slovak children before war broke out in 1939. With Winton in Bratislava were four of the 'children' he saved, each of whom has led a distinguished life in their own right.  The second important group of individuals, were the Slovak veterans of World War Two who had fought alongside Britain to liberate Europe from Nazism. The purpose of this project was to interview these individuals and engage with their pasts; to record these discussions and to present and preserve these for posterity.

Czechoslovakia and Britain
Sir Nicholas Winton
and his ' children'
Slovak Veterans who
fought for Britain in WWII
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