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S4 History - Last update - 09 novembre 2017 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 4 - Medieval Church
Key Questions Lessons Additional resources and external links
Why was the medieval church so powerful? Worksheet from the lesson, blank map of Europe and writing frame for activity.

BBC Schools video introduces why the medieval church was so important.

A video series for the more ambitious students as Professor Robert Bartlett, explores different aspects of medieval life.

In this episode he considers belief.

Helen Castor- Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death - 2013 video

Shows how the medieval church controlled all aspects of people's daily lives.


What did Hell mean to medieval minds? Worksheet on reading the Albi Last Judgment painting. PowerPoint on images of hell from the Last Judgment doom painting from St Cecile Cathedral in Albi, France.

PowerPoint on English doom paintings.
Prezi presentation on Amiens Cathedral

My old Toulouse website has detailed images from the Cathedral in Albi and this explanation of the Seven Deadly Sins. A detailed analysis of the English doom painting examined in the lesson.

Historian Michael Wood explores medieval village life through the eyes of one peasant woman Christina a medieval life. (video)

Khan Academy on Last Judgment Tympanum, Cathedral of St. Lazare, Autun

One of the most important medieval art forms was the tapestry. The Brussels Cinquantenaire museum has one of the finest collections in the world.



Who were the monks? Worksheet from the lesson. Video about medieval monks from Monty Python's Terry Jones.

Day in the life of a monk, Flash activity and quiz.


Why did people undertake a pilgrimage? Worksheet from the lesson.

PowerPoint presentation on relics and reliquaries.

Khan Academy on pilgrimage.

European medieval pilgrimage motive.
Simon Reeve's three part documentary about Pilgrimage broadcast in December 2013.

Wikipedia on the holy prepuce and Turin shroud.

The recent Treasures of Heaven exhibition at the British museum, examined the importance of medieval relics. It also inspired this excellent BBC documentary.

BBC iWonder - What are the hidden histories of the UK's pilgrim sites?


What was it like to go on a medieval pilgrimage? Worksheet from the lesson. Question 6, empathy activity worksheet

Quiz activities on medieval pilgrimage.


European medieval pilgrimage journey

Best examples of student empathy films.

Khan academy on St Foy


How did church architecture develop during the middle ages? PowerPoint on the changes from Romanesque to gothic

Video - How to build a medieval cathedral


Classic documentary 'Civilisation' examines the impact of the 12th century renaissance - video
What are the main feature of a gothic cathedral? Download the Word document worksheet

David Macaulay's mythical French cathedral Chutreaux - key video extracts

See these BBC animations on the main features of a cathedral, painting a cathedral and on how arches were built.

See the main features of Chartres cathedral. Try a quiz on medieval architecture including castles and cathedrals.


Why and how were new gothic cathedrals built? A case study of Exeter cathedral in England (worksheet and timeline sheet).

Editable timeline sheet to complete on computer.

Links to images and history of Exeter cathedral.

The complete film of David Macaulay's mythical French cathedral Chutreaux. See a Time Team episode which illustrates the value of archaeology to medieval historians.

Gallery of good student timelines from previous years.

Classic documentary 'Civilisation' examines the impact of the 12th century renaissance - video



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