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The methodology of history

S4 History Last update - 30 April 2023 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 1 - The methodology of history
Key Questions Lessons Additional resources and external links
What is history? - A brief overview. Introduction to S4 History - Expectations, assessment etc.

Prezi presentation on What is History?


What are the Middle Ages? Worksheet

Downloadable blank timeline of the Middle Ages diagram. Add five important dates and descriptions.


The excellent Wikipedia article provides a well illustrated overview.

BBC Medieval Realms video series for schools.

How can archaeology help us understand the medieval past? Archaeology - worksheet PDF and PowerPoint from lesson.

BBC 'Hunt the Ancestor' virtual excavation - interactive decision making game.

ISH worksheet PDF and Word document for completion.


Video of forensic archaeology investigation into the discovery of medieval bodies found in Norwich.

BBC Medieval Realms video on the deserted village.

Diagram explaining cropmarks and Wikipedia on cropmarks and aerial archaeology.

A video about medieval archaeology from the popular Channel 4 TV series Time Team.

Hunt the Ancestor activity answers. This goes live after the assignment has been finished.

How can medieval images help us to understand the medieval past? Luttrell Psalter - Video worksheet PDF

Luttrell Psalter video 1 as shown in the lesson and extra video part 2.

Luttrell Psalter's beautiful illustrations of a farming year.

What makes a source useful? The RRR model.

What makes different types of sources useful? This section of the website written for my Bac students explains how visual sources are useful.
More about the Luttrell Psalter PDF, The Luttrell Psalter facsimile at the British Library. (requires Shockwave)

Beautiful High-Definition BBC documentary on medieval maps and what they reveal about medieval minds. Also an excellent supporting website with a chance to view the maps up-close.

Getty Museum How a medieval manuscript is made.
Excellent video from the Getty Museum

BBC documentary on medieval illuminated manuscripts including a section on the Luttrell Psalter.

The Middle Ages in Colour a look at The British Library presentation on the medieval illuminated manuscript.

Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings - A three part documentary series. Dr Janina Ramirez interprets what medieval manuscripts can tell us about medieval kings.


How can medieval texts help us to understand the medieval past? Written sources - worksheet PDF What types of Medieval texts exist? Online Medieval Sources Bibliography

Short videos from the Getty Museum in LA about medieval manuscripts.
Helen Castor- Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death - 2013 video. The first episode is very good on the value of medieval letters.


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