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Alistair Cooke's America - Episode 1 - The First Impact
Episode 1 - The First Impact - In 1932, Alistair Cooke was offered a fellowship at Yale University, thus began his fascination with his new home, America. In this introductory episode, he visits some of his favourite places, including New Orleans, the home of many jazz greats, Vermont, the most beautiful of the six New England states and San Francisco, the least monolithic of all American cities. He also talks about some interesting people, such as Jelly Roll Morton and Charlie Mayo.
1.The First Impact 2. The New Found Land 3. A Home Away from Home 4. Making a Revolution 5. Inventing a Nation
6. Gone West  7. A Firebell in the Night 8. Domesticating a Wilderness 9. Money on the Land 10. The Huddled Masses
11. The Promise Fulfilled 12. Arsenal 13. The More Abundant Life    


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