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Unit 3 - Assessment 2 -  Absolute Monarchs - Weakest link balloon debate - Who was the greatest absolute monarch?
There are two aspects to this assessment.  You will begin by producing a standard piece of research about one of the absolute monarchs listed below. This will be relatively short - 700-800 words - a highly selective, almost hagiographic summary of the life and achievements of your allocated monarch. It is very important that this is written in your own words and accurately referenced with an appended bibliography. (Criterion B: Investigating,  Criterion C: Communicating)

Having completed your research account you then need to prepare for the debate. Each member of the class will represent a monarch and speak on their behalf. As in all 'balloon debates', the idea is that the balloon is sinking fast and cannot carry the weight of all the people (the absolute monarchs). Each monarch will need to make the case for why they should be saved. In this balloon debate we are also going to incorporate the rules of the popular TV show The Weakest Link. We are going to have a series of rounds. At the end of each round, all the monarchs will vote to jettison the one least impressive absolute monarch. In each round you will only be allowed to make one point, the one reason why you should be saved. You will not be allowed to repeat this point in future rounds, so you must prepare enough points (9) if you want to win. As well as a game of history, it is also a game of performance and strategy. It is a game of performance because matters is how well the point is made. It is a game of strategy because you need to decide which are your strongest and weakest points. For example, do you make your strongest points in the early rounds when your chances of survival are greatest or do you save them for when the going gets tough? (Criterion C: Communicating)

Darnley stage 3.jpg Peter der-Grosse 1838.jpg Portrait of Joseph Emanuel, King of Portugal (1773) - Miguel António do Amaral.png Kaiserin Maria Theresia (HRR).jpg Anton von Maron 006.png
Elizabeth I - England
1533 – 1603
Peter the Great - Russia
1672 – 1725
Joseph I - Portugal
1714 –1777
Maria Theresa - Austria
1717 – 1780
Joseph II - Austria
1741 – 1790
Louis XIV of France.jpg Friedrich Zweite Alt.jpg Charles III of Spain high resolution.jpg Portrait of Empress Catherine II(a).jpg Gustavo-III,-Rey-de-Suecia 1777-by-Roslin.JPG
Louis XIV - France
1638 –1715
Frederick the Great - Prussia
1712 –1786
Charles III - Spain
1716 – 1788
Catherine the Great - Russia
1729 – 1796
Gustav III - Sweden
1746 - 1792



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