International School History - La Cote - International Baccalaureate

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Unit 1 - The Middle Ages
Can we understand the medieval mind?
Unit 2 - The Early-Modern
Social being and consciousness:
do ideas change the world?
Unit 3 - European Civil Wars
The rise of nation states: how did religious difference lead to wars?
Unit 4 - Revolution
A world turned upside down: can the world be rebuilt on reason?
Unit 5 - Making the Modern World
Industry, National and Empire:
How was the modern world made?
Unit 6 - Modernity Challenged
How did war and revolution transform the modern world?
Unit 7 - Twenty Years' Crisis
19191939: Why did democracy fail in the interwar years?
Unit 8 - The Cold War and after
How did we get to where we are now?
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MYP4 eAssessment May 2018
Revision guide and Summer exam
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