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MYP4 Last update - 05 December 2017  
Unit 2 - Early Modern - Social being and consciousness: do ideas change the world?
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Why was the development and growth of medieval towns so important?

Key concepts: change, continuity, Marxism, guild, bourgeoisie, apprenticeship, masterpiece, charter,

Key skill: factual recall


Lesson 1


Could women take part in medieval guilds? Article.

Apprenticeship - Being a teenager in medieval Europe. BBC article.

Names and occupations - is your name derived from a job in the medieval ages? (multilingual website)
Image for Revolutionary Paris
Dan Snow video looks at filthy medieval London.



What was the contribution of outside influence to European development in the Middle Ages?

Key concepts: Ethnography, Islam, crusade, Arabic numerals, heliocentric, Byzantine, silk road, Renaissance.

Key skill: Source analysis, revision note design.


Lesson 2


BBC documentary on the beauty of medieval maps.

History Channel drama documentary on the Crusades.
A video series which forms the basis of many of the short extacts shown in the last couple of lessons. Professor Robert Bartlett explores different aspects of medieval life.

BBC Bitesize on the Medieval Islamic world.

What were the causes and consequences of the Black death?

Key concepts: short and long-term consequences,  bubonic and pneumonic plague, pandemic, labour service, serfdom, revolt.

Key skill: Source analysis,


Lesson 3 - The Black Death and Peasants' Revolt.



BBC on Black Death and Peasants' Revolt

Short essay on the Black Death by Dr Mike Ibeji.

Return of the Black Death, an interesting recent documentary examining the discovery of Black death skeletons in 2010 in London.

Medieval Apocalypse, another dramatic documentary.



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