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Unit 4 - Revolution - A world turned upside down: can the world be rebuilt on reason?
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What happens when scientific methodology is applied to society?

Key concepts: political philosophy, conservative, radical, social contract, separation of powers, toleration, civil rights, ancien régime, liberty, equality, hereditary government, democratic republic.

Key skill: abstract thinking.


Lesson 1 - The Enlightenment: the philosophers.

K Clark's classic Civilisation television documentary series examines the impact of the Enlightenment.

Two outstanding books are Sophie's World available in whatever language you speak and the Philosophy Files a cartoon illustrated introduction to Philosophy.

The Scottish Enlightenment - BBC Scotland.

From Philosophy magazine are these Philosophy experiments: Is torture ever justified?, Would you eat your cat? Should you kill the backpacker? etc.

Links: Wikipedia on the Enlightenment, History World.

See Tom Richey's videos and notes on the Enlightenment.

How revolutionary was the American Revolution?

Key concepts: revolution, taxation and representation, boycott, Continental Congress, inalienable rights, the House of Representatives, the Senate, constitution.

Key skill: essay planning, causation.


Lesson 2 - The American Revolution

PowerPoint from the lesson.


PBS website in support of their documentary series (left)

Khan Academy on the American Revolution.

Brief history of the US flag - BBC
Fling the teacher quiz on the War of Independence


Why did the most important event in modern history happen?


Lesson 3 - The causes of the French Revolution.

Khan Academy on the French Revolution.
A series of lectures and very useful summary diagrams about the French Revolution from the Flow of History website.

Links: explanation from the SchoolHistory site, origins of the French Revolution (History Guide), Lecture outline from Paul Halsall

Penalty shootout quiz


Why did the French Kill their King? Lesson 4 - From the Bastille to the guillotine


Why do revolutions tend to degenerate?


Lesson 5 - The Reign of Terror


End of Unit Assessment



End of Year Exams Assessment - e-Assessment Revision Guide

MYP criteria:
A: Knowing and understanding
C: Communicating
D: Thinking critically

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