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Unit 6 - Do social, cultural and artistic movements reflect the era in which they take place?
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How did medieval arts reflect medieval society and culture? Worksheet on reading the Albi Last Judgment painting. PowerPoint on images of hell from the Last Judgment doom painting from St Cecile Cathedral in Albi, France.

PowerPoint on English doom paintings.
Prezi presentation on Amiens Cathedral

Prepare notes for an essay on how medieval society and culture is reflected in the art of the time.


My old Toulouse website has detailed images from the Cathedral in Albi and this explanation of the Seven Deadly Sins. A detailed analysis of the English doom painting examined in the lesson.

Historian Michael Wood explores medieval village life through the eyes of one peasant woman Christina a medieval life. (video)

Khan Academy on Last Judgment Tympanum, Cathedral of St. Lazare, Autun


How did the Renaissance, Reformation and Industrial Revolution also affect developments in art? Prepare notes for an essay on how society and culture is reflected in the art of the time.

Excellent introductory videos about key individuals of the Renaissance. Galileo, Brunelleschi, Vesalius and Torricelli.

PowerPoint on Reformation artist Lucas Cranach. More on Lucas Cranach and see also Wikipedia.

Prezi presentation about modern art as seen in lesson



Extended video extract from J. Bronowski's Ascent of Man that deals beautifully with perspective and its Arabic origin.
  Khan Academy on the Renaissance
Crash Course video on the Renaissance.
Crash Course video on the Reformation

Extract from 2003 feature film of the life of Luther. The film stars Ralph Fiennes as Martin Luther, this edited extract dramatizes Luther's break with the Catholic Church.

Why was Cezanne so revolutionary? -  Essay by Jonah Lehrer.




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