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S3 Human Science Last update - 22 janvier 2018 Official European School Human Science Years 1-3 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 7 - History - Ancient Rome
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The Beginning of Rome and the Roman Republic
Key words: Etruscans, Romulus and Remus Plebeians and Patricians, Assembly, Consuls, Magistrates, Tribunes, Senate

Aspects of Roman Culture Gods, religion, Christianity Games and slavery Daily life Architecture Augur
Key words: Gladiators, Spartacus, Aqueducts, roman roads, public baths, Forum, Colosseum

War and politics The Roman Army, navy, The Punic Wars, The Roman Empire and Roman, emperors
Key words: Legion, galley Carthage, Hannibal Caesar, Imperator

Decline and Fall, of the Roman Empire Roman's Legacy Constantinople, Vandals, Goths, Franks

The founding of ancient Rome: myth and reality (PDF) Introductory video - What did the Romans do for us?

Various school videos about aspects of Roman history.

The complete series 'What did the Romans do for us?' - video

How was the Roman Republic ruled? (PDF)


Who was Hannibal and what happened in the Punic Wars?  (PDF)


Video shown in the lesson about Hannibal.
Why did the Republic come to an end? (PDF) and maps, Video shown in the lesson about Julius Caesar.

The compare these two videos, one a recent reconstruction of his death from an historical documentary and the other from the 1950s film of Shakespeare's play by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.


What was it like to live in Rome? (PDF) and table to be completed.

Videos shown in class of Gladiator fighting in the Colosseum and chariot racing in Circus Maximus

David Attenborough examines life in Rome - video

Role-play - optimist and pessimist interpretations of life in ancient Rome.
Videos of previous student's work:

Complete film of David Macaulay's Roman City. Various school videos about aspects of Roman history including the city

The complete series 'What did the Romans do for us?' - video

Read about the making of the film Ben Hur.

Gladiator the movie. How accurate is it? See Alex von Tunzelmann's review.

David Attenborough's fantastic history-geography documentary series of the Mediterranean -  The First Eden. An excellent way to improve your English


What happened in Pompeii? ((PDF) Video feature documentary about the last day of Pompeii

The BBC on Mt Vesuvius.


Why did the Roman Empire grow and why did it decline and fall? (PDF) Diagram to be completed.  



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