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Classical Greece

S3 Human Science Last update - 02 January 2021 Official European School Human Science Years 1-3 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 6 - History - Classical Greece
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Athens, Sparta 
Key words: Polis, oligarchy, aristocrats, tyrant, democracy, citizen, Assembly, council, free men, helots, slaves

Aspects of Greek Culture Women and children, daily life Education, philosophers Gods and religion Olympic Games Architecture

Key words: Alphabet, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Temples, altar, Delphi, oracle, omens Gymnasium, Amphitheatre. Disciplines, Acropolis, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian style Greeks,

Persians and war, Ships and navies, military service Alexander The Great,

Key words: Trireme, phalanx, hoplite, cavalry Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis Asia Minor


See the official s3 textbook for the Mediterranean World on Classical Greece.


What was the Archaic period? (PDF) BBC series on the treasures of ancient Greece.


How were the ancient Olympic games different to the modern? (PDF)
Short video introduction on the ancient  Olympic games.

Textbook p.84-7






How was Athens ruled? (PDF)
Short video shown about the Parthenon

Textbook p.102


Excellent PBS videos on the Parthenon.

BBC schools on ancient Athens. British Museum website on Athens includes games and flash interactivities on life in Athens.
Make your own fling the teacher quiz at
First create a user name here and then download Fling the Teacher here or Multi-Choice (10 questions) here


How did Athenian democracy work? (PDF) and table for completion of question 3.



Historian Bettany Hughes series Ancient World.

Video - Athenian democracy
Who were the Spartans?  (PDF)

Bettany Hughes video explains the nature of the education and social structure.

Video shown in lesson and additional videos about the Battle of Thermopylae.



How was Sparta ruled? (PDF)

Textbook p.98

Historian Bettany Hughes series Ancient World.

Video - The Spartans

Bettany Hughes talks about her series on the Spartans.


What did the ancient Greeks believe? (PDF)
Short video introduction to the Oracle.

Textbook p.79-82


Video - The ancient Greek gods.

Ancient Greece website for more about the gods and mythology.

What did the ancient Greeks do for us? (PDF)

Why not have a go at making a Prezi presentation for your timeline?

Short video introductions to Theatre of Epidaurus and  the Colossus of Rhodes.

What did the ancient Greeks do for us? Adam Hart-Davies video.


See examples of student timelines from previous years.

Ancient Greece website for more about culture.

Videos on Socrates and Mark Steel Lecture on Aristotle  (funny)


Who was Alexander the Great? (PDF)

Video seen in lesson

See this very modern debate about Alexander's Macedonian origins.

Textbook p.119-126


Video - Alexander the Great.
Longer video from the History Channel
Historian Bettany Hughes series Ancient World.

Video - Alexandria

How great was Alexander the Great? A Persian view. BBC October 2014.

Student one minute films.

Revision quizzes
Fling the Teacher, Penalty Shootout or Walk the Plank.

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