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S3 Human Science Last update - 02 January 2021 Official European School Human Science Years 1-3 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 3 - Geography - The Mediterranean Region - Climate and Vegetation
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Climate and Vegetation

Mediterranean climate (including drawing and use of climate graphs) comparison with climate of local area, natural vegetation and its adaptation to the climate.

Key Words Temperature, maximum, minimum, average, range, precipitation, vegetation, deforestation.

See the official s3 textbook for the Mediterranean World on Geography.

11. Climate and vegetation 1 - introduction to Mediterranean Climate. PDF. Simple Wikipedia explanation of Mediterranean climate and a more complex explanations here.
David Attenborough's fantastic history-geography documentary series of the Mediterranean -  The First Eden. An excellent way to improve your English


12. What factors affect climate? ;
Video and PowerPoint from the lesson.
Examples of good student work from earlier years.

How to survive when temperatures get down to -60C. (video)

13. Climate and vegetation 2 - What explains a Mediterranean climate? PDF Blank maps of Mediterranean region for activity 1.
14. Climate and vegetation 3 - What explains Belgium's climate? PDF
15. Climate and vegetation 4 - How can we compare and contrast climate? PDF
16. Climate and Vegetation 5 What is Mediterranean vegetation like? PDF
Video and PowerPoint from the lesson.
Climate and vegetation-
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