International School History - European Schools - S3 - Introduction

S3 Human Science Last update - 02 January 2021 Official European School Human Science Years 1-3 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 1 - Geography - The Mediterranean Region - Introduction
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Familiarisation with the region using maps

Key Words Country, capital, border, latitude, longitude, scale, key, compass direction
See the official s3 textbook for the Mediterranean World on Geography.


Introduction to Human Science - Expectations, assessment etc.

1. Political geography of the Mediterranean region. PDF

Try the online quiz test on your knowledge of European cities.  See the 'hall of fame' of best performances of my classes.

 Villes d'Europe


The wonderful Wikipedia on the Mediterranean.

Other quiz on the countries of Europe.

A map based quiz on European geography.

2. Physical geography of the Mediterranean region. PDF
David Attenborough's fantastic history-geography documentary series of the Mediterranean -  The First Eden. An excellent way to improve your English
3. Comparative geography of the Mediterranean. PDF 1 and PDF 2 For the homework research on other countries in the Mediterranean region see the CIA World Factbook.

Gapminder - a fantastic website on comparative measures of development.


4. End of unit test 1


Play a revision Fling the Teacher or Penalty Shootout

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