International School History - European Schools - S5 - Reformation Revision Quiz

S5 History Last update - 06 September 2014 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 1 - Reformation - Reformation
For this end of unit test there will be three parts. In the first section you will be tested on your general knowledge of the Reformation. To help prepare for this, play the above quiz a couple of times until you get all the questions right. Remember that this quiz gives you a correct answers to choose from but the real test will not.

In the second part of the test you will be asked to analyse some sources. You might be asked to compare and contrast the sources or to evaluate their usefulness. Remember to consider the three R's model for what makes a source useful. For the ambitious, my Bac level PowerPoints on the usefulness of particular types of sources will be useful preparation for next year.

In the final part of the end of unit test you will be asked more general questions about Martin Luther. You could be expected to explain what his main ideas were or to consider why he is such an important person in history. To answer this you need to consider how important his role was in the Reformation but also how his ideas led to such significant long-term consequences.

Other than your notes and worksheets, the videos on these pages are also good revision sources.




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