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S5 History Last update - 04 May 2023 Official European School History 4-5 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 1 - Reformation
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What were the causes of the Reformation? - Skill focus: long and short term causes Worksheet
Crash Course video on the Reformation
Examples of previous student work

Two minute video about the Reformation.
Two Videos giving an overview of the Protestant Reformation. 

Keith Hughes video explains the Reformation in about 7 minutes... very quickly.

Good essay by Bruce Robinson on the BBC site explaining why the Reformation happened from a British perspective.


What were Martin Luther's radical ideas? Skill focus - empathy Worksheet

PowerPoint on Reformation artist Lucas Cranach

Spartacus Educational on Luther.

Extract from 2003 feature film of the life of Luther. The film stars Ralph Fiennes as Martin Luther, this edited extract dramatises Luther's break with the Catholic Church.

PBS documentary on Luther.

More on Lucas Cranach and see also Wikipedia is a multilingual site with plenty of information about the life and times of Luther, including a review of some of the famous myths.

10 Things you didn't know about Martin Luther.

Short BBC radio programme explains the importance of Luther to the German language.


Martin Luther: what is the difference between documentary film and history? History students worksheet guide to historical documentaries and the complete video illustrated website.


Guide to the strengths and weaknesses of film.

The BBC documentary video seen in class Tristram Hunt's Protestant Revolution. For an explanation and analysis of exposition - introduction of documentary - see my website.
PBS Video Luther Reluctant Revolutionary
PBS website on Luther

Guide to what makes a source useful.


How significant was the Diet of Worms? Worksheet The power of cinema, heretic burning from Ridley Scott's film 1492.

Feature film extract of the speech at the Diet of Worms. The significance of the Reformation - video from the BBC documentary Protestant Revolution.

See the historical advisor's view on the film.

The BBC documentary video Protestant Revolution. BBC radio programme on the significance of the Diet of Worms.


Two Responses to the Reformation Jesuits and Calvinists Worksheet Classic BBC documentary video Civilisation examines the wider implications of the Reformation.

The BBC documentary video seen in class Tristram Hunt's Protestant Revolution.

Diagram of Catholic and Protestant Churches, 16th Century England.
A little Blackadder light relief.
Puritanism in England (video).


End of Unit Test
Quiz and revision advice


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