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Industrial Revolution
19th Century Nationalism

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Industrial Revolution
19th Century Nationalism

Summer Exam 2016

First of all here are some of my top tips on how to revise for a history exam.

Why not look at some past papers:
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,

2014 and markscheme
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2016 and markscheme

For 2016 there will again be two sections on the Industrial Revolution and Nationalism.

Section 1.

The first question checks your comprehension of key terms and your ability to understand and interpret the sources. [7 marks]

The second question you will be expected to compare and contrast two of the sources. This means you should identify similarities and differences between the sources, where they agree and disagree. [8 marks] You will also be asked to consider the reliability of one of the sources. [4 marks]

In the third question you will be asked  to evaluate the usefulness of one source. You need to consider how useful the source is in helping us to find out about the past. You need to identify strengths and weaknesses of the source. For example, the source may be very relevant to question we are considering but it might not be very reliable. The three Rs model should remind you of the sort of things you need to consider. [10 marks]

The usefulness of sources

This section of the website provides a detailed examination of the usefulness of the most popular types of source found in examination.


Section 2.

The fourth question will ask you to explain something of historical significance. [4 marks]

The fifth question  question asks you to explain an aspect from the sources in a wider historical context, providing evidence from your study to support the points that you make. [9 marks]

The final question is a mini essay and should be your most detailed answer. The examiner will be looking for a well-structured answer - you should be looking to PEE your paragraphs - that is well supported with detailed historical evidence.  [12 marks]


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