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S6 2hr History Last update - 05 May 2023 Official European School History S6 Syllabus: English, French, German
Unit 4 - 1935-1945 The Era of Total War
Key Questions Lessons Additional materials and external links
How did Hitler become a dictator? 'Steps to dictatorship' diagram to be filled in.
Six factors that explain how Hitler was able to become a dictator.

Walsh 158-9 GCSE Modern World History




The end of democracy extract taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

John D Clare - 8 steps to Hitler becoming dictator and interesting summary of why Hitler turned on the SA.

My Reichstag Fire website which includes an article that suggests the Nazis were responsible for starting the fire.
Coercion, persuasion and consent: how popular were the Nazis? Timeline of events to learn in this unit.

Complete this table over the next lessons to show the way the Nazi state controlled the people of Germany.

Complete this diagram from Walsh on the Nazi police state.

Walsh 160-75 GCSE Modern World History
Hitler's domestic policy extract taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

PowerPoint on education and young people.


Nazis: A Warning from History Video shown in class. Summary notes to go with the video.

John D Clare on how the Nazis consolidated power and how their rule affected ordinary Germans.

Fascinating film biography about Goebbels. Various significant Nazi Propaganda films.

Isherwood's Berlin how accurate? - BBC  

Totalitarianism in the cinema - Orwell's 1984 and The Wave

How were the Jews treated in Nazi Germany? Complete the questions about the Jews in Nazi Germany from this extract taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.
Video - People's Century Master Race.

Website for episode

Why did the League of Nations fail in Abyssinia? Video extract from the People's Century series.

Complete questions from this extract taken from James Mason Modern World history to GCSE.

Video - People's Century Lost Peace.

Website for episode

Why were the 1930s a turning point in the history of warfare? Activity on the nature of war in the interwar period. PowerPoint on the era of total war Video - Simon Schama on Picasso's Guernica.

Video - Ken Loach's film about the Spanish Civil War, inspired by Orwell's Homage to Catalonia.

For the massacre at Nanjing see the video John Rabe - The Good Nazi of Nanking.


How did Hitler challenge the Treaty of Versailles? Complete this table over the next two lessons on how Hitler challenged the Treaty of Versailles.


Video - The Nazis a warning from history - causes of World War II.
Why did Britain appease Hitler? Complete this table to explain why the British appeased Hitler in the 1930s. Video - The Nazis a warning from history - causes of World War II.
Video - BBC 20th Century History File - Why appeasement?


Why did war break out in 1939? Essay planning writing frame to complete on why war broke out in 1939.


In what ways was the Second World War a 'Total War'? Documentary film seen in class from the BBC People's Century series.


Video Apocalypse: The Second World War. A recent French made documentary brings often repeated images alive through the use of colour.
B Test 4 

26th May 2015

Timeline of essential events in Unit 4. Only facts on these sheets will be covered in part one (factual recall) of the test.
Quiz and advice
John D Clare's advice on how to revise for history exam.
BBC Bitesize on Germany and WWII


What was the kindertransport? Film seen in the lesson about the rescue mission of Nicholas Winton
My international project about Nicholas Winton from 2008

Winton now 105 years old (May 2014)


Extermination, collaboration and resistance: what happened to the people during World War II?
Video - People's Century Lost Peace.

Website for episode

Video - Night and Fog (French: Nuit et brouillard)

Video - Liquidation of the Jewish Ghetto in Kraków as seen by Spielberg.

Escaping the train to Auschwitz -On 19 April 1943, a train carrying 1,631 Jews set off from a Nazi detention camp in Belgium for Auschwitz...
BBC six-episode documentary presenting the story of Auschwitz through interviews with former inmates and guards and re-enactments

Dramatic reconstruction of the 1942 Wannsee Conference, Conspiracy

In February 1943, 11-year-old Simon Gronowski was sitting down for breakfast with his mother and sister in their Brussels hiding place when two Gestapo agents burst in... (BBC article)

Resistance in Germany as seen in the following films: Sophie Scholl, Swing Kids and Valkyrie.

The occupation of France produced one of the greatest and controversial documentaries of all time - The Sorrow and the Pity.

On the Oradour massacre see this award winning documentary.  My website on Oradour (En or Fr). The 2004 commemorations from French television.

Video on the Holocaust. Notes from the film.
Video - Schindler's List
Video - Blitz in UK
Video - Dan Snow 2013 series on the archaeology of World War 2.


Why was Germany defeated? Walsh GCSE Modern World History Chapter 10.1 (pp. 278-300) Essay on the events of WWII in Europe.

Video - D-day as seen by Spielberg.

Niall Ferguson video on World War II.
Hypertext version of the IB History of Europe Course Companion See my IB website for an extended version of the essay.

Video on the war in Eastern Europe. Notes from the film.
Video on the defeat of Germany. Notes from the film



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