International School History - European Schools - S6 4 hour option

S6 4hr History Last update - 05 May 2023 Official European School History S6 Syllabus: English, French, German
Optional Theme - 6.4B Culture and Society before 1945 - syllabus

The main reason, why I chose this topic is, because this story isn’t just history. This story is deeply personal and I know this story since I was young. It makes me happy, that one day I might show this film to my kids, who will carry it with them as a family treasure.
Because of this task I got to know more detailed perception of my grandma’s childhood.

The question this video answers is ‘how was life for Czech’s after the assassination ‘. It illustrates only the immediate consequences, it shows life wasn’t easy. People were in traumatic situations, where they believed, and they were right, that they had no privacy or right to own goods that they worked for. Even though, this is an interview with my grandma, and she was a child, when she lived through this, we can see that these events were scary, even for adults, especially those, who had children.

The techniques I chose to use are interview/narration, personal footage/re-acting, footage and images.
I liked the idea of the film being in B’n’W, not only because most of the footage was, but also because my grandma used to tell me these stories before bed, so black (night color) seemed appropriate.

Personal footage/footage/re-acting made the film livelier and easier to imagine and understand.
Images illustrated certain people or place and brought more details.
However the key aspect was narration/interview, which wasn’t only pack with emotions, but also with information. It says a personal story and if we concentrate on the voice we can live that story.

The film doesn’t have a story flow, its more collage of films and images, which gives it a slight abstract touch, which reminds me of when I was falling asleep while listening to my grandma.



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