International School History - European Schools - S6 4 hour option

S6 4hr History Last update - 06 January 2021 Official European School History S6 Syllabus: English, French, German
Europe and the World from the end of the 19th Century to 1945
Textbook and resources lists for 4 option history

The new syllabus from September 2013
Compulsory Core Europe 1
Europe transformed by WWI
Compulsory Core Europe 2
Dictatorship and democracy
Compulsory Core Europe 3
Second World War
  The History 4hr compulsory Research Study
Optional Theme 6.4B
Culture and Society to 1945
Optional Theme 6.4C
European colonisation
Optional Theme 6.4D
Warfare in the 20th Century
  Revision - Xmas
Revision Summer

Want to get ahead over the summer? Try some recommended summer reading for S6 into S7.

The website for the old syllabus is still accessible by following the links below:

The Age of Imperialism
War and Revolution
Boom and Bust
The Era of Total War
Revision - Xmas
Revision Summer

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